Contemporary Romance

I consider what I write to be romance fusion. Whether it’s the addition of suspense, a plotline with a thrilling twist, or mystery just waiting to unravel, I refuse to limit my storytelling to one specific genre. Although everything I write has a strong romantic element, I’d like to think my novels offer a little something for everyone.

JB Salsbury

New York Times Bestselling Author

Creativity can’t be put into a box or bound by rules. My writing philosophy is that I’m committed to character led storytelling. I go into every book with a limited outline and allow my characters to take me on a journey, giving them free rein to take the story where it’s meant to go. Oftentimes I don’t know how the story will end until I’m writing it. I believe this brings the characters to life in a way that sticks with the reader long after they’ve finished the book.

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Release Date: 07.18.17

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Aden left the Army, but the horrors of war and betrayal continue to haunt him. When he meets a girl whose uptight personality infuriates him as much as it intrigues him she can’t be more his opposite, and yet, he can’t seem to let her go.


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Wrecked Cover
Release Date: 07.18.17
Release Date: 11.15.16
Fighting Fate
Fighting Fate
Release Date: 05.03.16
Fighting For Forever Novel Cover
Fighting For Forever
Release Date: 06.23.15

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