End Game

She would be my end game.
I just didn't know it yet.

End Game

BSU Football | Book 4

Release Date: 10.23.23

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Ophelia asked me for one simple favor—to get the guy she’s in love with to notice her.

It won’t be easy; she looks as if she’s spent her whole life trying to disappear. But I never turn down a challenge. Convincing anyone I’ve given up all women for this one woman is my biggest challenge yet.

I agree to help her win over the man of her dreams. The problem is she quickly becomes the only woman staring in mine.

She offered to pay me. In the end, I want the one thing she plans to give to someone else.

Her heart.

End Game is a fake-dating, opposites attract, college/new adult romance featuring a charismatic hero and a wallflower heroine entangled in an arrangement neither could have prepared for.

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