My F*cked Up Paradise

The vacation was supposed to change everything.
And it did.
In the worst possible way

My F*cked Up Paradise

Release Date: 06.12.23

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The vacation was supposed to drive my career. Not drive me into the arms of a surfer with a bad attitude and a worse reputation.

Three weeks in paradise. Ten photos for my portfolio. Seems easy enough. Well, it’s not.

The airline lost my camera bag, my hotel is a dump, oh, and did I mention I nearly drowned? The locals say I’m lucky to be alive. And I owe it all to the heavily tattooed surfer with a blood-curdling scowl.

Forget him. I have bigger problems. My photos suck—no better than a tourist with a smartphone. I lost my mojo.

I’m hoping a stay on the North Shore will spark my artistry. To my surprise, it’s the grumpy surfer who awakens my imagination.

I don’t want to need him, but I do. Risking my pride, I beg for his help.

He saw the warning signs. He knew I was falling for him. And he could’ve saved me from heartbreak and humiliation. All he needed to do is tell me the one thing that would’ve changed everything.

The truth.



Trigger Warnings: Attempted suicide and attempted rape.