The Fighting Series

Las Vegas based MMA fighters face the challenges of being the fiercest fighters in the world in a city where anything can happen. No matter how many hits they take or scars they walk away with nothing can compare to the internal struggle where love battles for their hearts and emotional wounds still bleed. Each book in The Fighting Series can be read as a standalone.

Fighting for Flight

Release Date: 03.02.13

Fighting to Forgive

Release Date: 11.19.13

Fighting to Forget

Release Date: 04.15.14

Fighting The Fall

Release Date: 11.04.14

A Father’s Fight

Release Date: 01.26.15

Fighting For Forever

Release Date: 06.23.15

Fighting Fate

Release Date: 05.03.16

Fighting for Honor

Release Date: 09.26.17

The Final Fight

Release Date: 10.23.17


Release Date: 02.28.18