Fighting to Forgive

Easy and predictable, just the way he likes it, Blake Daniels flies through life the way he burns through women: on his terms, no regrets. She’s the farthest thing from what he wants or needs…which makes them the perfect match.

Fighting to Forgive

The Fighting Series | Book 2

Release Date: 11.19.13

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They’ve been running from the one thing that might save them…


Love and pain always go together.  That’s why I like to keep my life easy. Simple.

Commitment free.

So, with my MMA career in full swing, and with an injury to overcome, stupid romantic distractions are the last thing I need.

And Layla has distraction written all over her.

She’s got enough emotional baggage to fill a 747. I don’t do baggage. I need to stay away.

But for some reason…I can’t…


I’ll never let a man hurt me again.

I escaped my horrific marriage, and now I’m ready to be the best single mom I can be. Maybe I’ll even reclaim the pieces of myself I lost over the years.

There’s no way I’m letting Blake Daniels derail my fresh start.

Except…I want him with an intensity that triggers my deep, dark insecurities. I should walk away before I get in over my head.

But what if I’m already too late?

Fighting to Forgive, book 2 in the Fighting series, is an emotional, angsty, contemporary, steamy, older woman/younger man, sports romance with a guaranteed happily ever after. Download today and get ready to fall for Blake and Layla.