A Fighting for Flight Short Story

Fighting for Flight - 5 Year Anniversary Short Story Bundle


The Fighting Series

Release Date: 02.28.18

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New York Times Bestselling author JB Salsbury celebrates the five-year anniversary of Fighting for Flight with UNCAGED: A Flight Short Story.

Eighteen years after Jonah and Raven said “I do”, they find themselves free of demanding pimp fathers and life or death ultimatums. Now, they have an entirely different nightmare to battle.

Their daughter Sadie is seventeen and going on her first real date, but not with just any boy. She’s going out with the offspring of the biggest playboy in Las Vegas history, Blake “The Snake” Daniels.

Can Raven keep her husband from murdering his daughter’s new suitor? Is Sadie’s future destined for the nunnery?

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** This is a one-hour read. This is not a novella or full length novel.