Rebel North

He has everything he wants.
She's the only one he needs.

Rebel North

The North Brothers | Book 2

Release Date: 10.26.21

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In a city where image is everything, Gabriella turns heads for all the wrong reasons. 


The marks that slash across her neck and face turn people away. But I see the beauty that lies beneath, feel a kinship to her pain.


I regret the way she found me—mugged and left for dead.  I should walk away, follow the rules, but I can’t. I want to see her again. There’s only one problem.


My brother convinced her I’m gay.


I use that lie to my advantage, persuade her to be my pretend girlfriend, to help protect my fake-sexual identity from my judgmental family. But what starts as a shameless excuse to be near her leads to crossed lines and midnight confessions.


I’m not who I led her to believe. I’m sin wrapped in silk. Betrayal masked by beauty.


And she’s not the only one with scars…