Fighting Fate

He’s in love with her. She has no idea. Even a love that is meant to be needs to be fought for and destiny is a choice.

Fighting Fate

The Fighting Series | Book 7

Release Date: 05.03.16

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Fate can either deliver a happily ever after, or a sucker-punch that will destroy everything


I had two dreams.

Fighting for UFL…and Axelle Daniels.

She claimed my soul the first time we met. She was my best friend.

For years, I watched her give her time—and body—to men who didn’t deserve to breathe her air. I waited for the right moment to make her mine.

And when I got my chance, I vowed I’d do anything to make her happy forever.

Too bad fate had other plans…


I screwed up. Big time.

Parties, hangovers, men…I did it all. None of it filled the cracks in my heart or hid what a mess I was on the inside.

Only Killian knew the real me.

But he deserved better. I was broken, and he shouldn’t have to hold me together.

So, I let him go.

He left to pursue his fighting dreams. My life kept falling apart.

Now, he’s back. And I’m left wondering if this second chance is our destiny, or our downfall…

Fighting Fate, book 6 in the Fighting series, is an emotional, angsty, contemporary, steamy, sports/MMA romance with a guaranteed HEA. Download today to get ready to fall even harder for Killian and Axelle.