Fighting For Forever

She’s on a mission to solve her sister’s murder and drags the one man she’s ever loved right into the crossfire.

Fighting For Forever

The Fighting Series | Book 6

Release Date: 06.23.15

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The fight could kill us both. But if we win, forever is the prize…


People only see what I want them to see.

Slut. Hooker. Whore.

Their opinions mean nothing. Only one thing matters.


will find the man who killed my sister, and I will avenge her. Nothing will stand in my way.

Not even a grumpy, sexy, surfer-looking MMA fighter who seems determined to make me do something unbelievably stupid.

Like falling for him…


I hate Vegas.

It’s full of people who are loose with their bodies and morals. People like Trix.

The lilac-eyed stripper is the last woman I should want. Especially when I need to focus on saving my brother from whatever disaster he’s created for himself.

There’s something about her that keeps pulling me in, though. Keeps me wanting more.

But I had no way of knowing that being with her could only end one of two ways.

In happily ever after…or utter devastation…

Fighting For Forever, book 6 in the Fighting series, is an emotional, angsty, contemporary, steamy, sports romance with a guaranteed HEA. Download today to fall for Mason and Trix.