Fighting to Forget

Over a decade she’s watched him. Followed his career and kept tabs, all in preparation for this moment. He can’t remember his past. She remembers everything.

Fighting to Forget

The Fighting Series | Book 3

Release Date: 04.15.14

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Remembering her will either be his salvation…or his downfall…


You don’t have to remember the past to be haunted by it.

I’m proof of that.

I don’t remember the demons of my childhood, but I know they’re there. Why else would I need pain to feel anything? A punch to the jaw, the sting of a tattoo needle, the heat from a piercing…only pain can jolt me back from the numbness.

Until I found her


I’ve stalked him for years. Waited for the right time to make amends.

We shared horrors most people couldn’t fathom. I’ve lived his pain every day.

And he doesn’t remember me at all.

I wish I could forget, too. Our past, the ways he’s changed, how he makes me feel…all of it.

But I can’t…

He’s spent a lifetime fighting to forget. Now he’ll have to decide if remembering the past—and taking a shot at happily ever after with Mac—is worth the potentially devastating cost.

Fighting to Forget, book 3 in the Fighting series, is an emotional, angsty, contemporary, steamy, sports/MMA romance with a guaranteed HEA. Download today and get ready to fall for Rex and Mac.